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Neos Design Business Cards


Neos is a place where passion prevails. We are not interested in merely churning out projects for the sake of volume. Working with businesses and individuals who love what they do and demand simple, effective media is what we are all about. Whether it be a large corporation or small business, we are focused on creating beautiful, standards-based designs that make media more effective and enjoyable for the end-user.


So whats with the Philumpugus? The Philumpugus reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously. Ever been to a studio where all the designers seem stressed out...pushed to the edge? That is not where creativity lives. In order to produce our best work, we need to be having fun, something we insist upon from ourselves and our clients.

With its rounded edges and assymetrical shape, the Philumpugus represents the bubbly, atypical nature of our approach. If this sounds like your brand of logic, contact us to see what Neos can do for you!

Neos Philumpugus Blueprint