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Mossy Rock

iPhone | iPod  wallpaper

Mossy Rock iPhone | iPod wallpaper
Mossy Rock iPhone | iPod wallpaper
640PX BY 960PX @ 326DPI
iPhone 4
iPhone 3Gs
iPhone 3G
iPhone 2G
iPod Touch
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At Neos, we are passionate about photography. Which is why for just a few shekels, we are willing to give away our precious photography to be enjoyed on the most beautiful mobile devices in the world. You can only download these custom iPhone and iPad wallpapers on our website where every image is adjusted, then tested specifically for each device. All photography is original and straight from our lenses. We genuinely hope you appreciate our work and are pleased with your new mobile artwork.
why not
Significant people-hours go into the development of each iOS wallpaper you see on our site. To help fund those people-hours, our images are offered at a very low price. No doubt you have been to sites that offer "free" downloads, but are littered with advertisements. Understanding how annoying this can be, we created an ad-free shopping experience that we hope you enjoy. Feel free to contact us as we always have an open ear to comments, suggestions and requests.